Aisle Parking System

PS mxn


  • Up to 10 levels (m).
  • Grid can be from 2-7 (n).
  • We provide customised facade and corrugated roofing.
  • Semi-automatic system with an intuitive operating panel.
  • Application is both indoor & outdoor.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Capacity: 2,600 kg per platform.
  • Contains Hydraulic units and motor.
  • Average retrieval time 90s.

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  • Fully automatic parking system for more than 50 vehicles.
  • Doesn’t require any personnel inside the parking lot.
  • Totally customised solution using lifts, turntable and hydraulic systems.
  • No ramp and driving lanes required.
  • Clear Height is customizable as per customer preference.
  • Carrying capacity upto 2.5 ton.
  • Available with a fixed width & flexible length.
  • This system is suitable for public parking in malls and commercial projects.

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