Why We Exist

50% of space reduced due to parking on roads
20% of driving time spent looking for parking
20% increase in vehicular pollution in urban areas
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PARKING, NO MORE A PROBLEM Drive into a range of solutions


More than a decade long legacy!

L.T. Elevator, with its roots in 21 states and 6 countries is by far one of the largest elevator manufacturers across the nation. With well established assembly lines, the company has an integrated production line, where 80% of its products are manufactured in house with the help of hi-tech German technology.

We are India’s only indigenous elevator company with latest modern German machinery and hi-tech infrastructure. We optimize and customize operations for maximum efficiency, immense product quality, improved customer experience, reduced risks and lower capital expenditure.


Progressing on the path of a sustainable future and in our endeavour to shape the future of urban traffic, LT Group is now diversifying into the car-parking space with smart parking solutions, under the LT ParkSmart brand.

With a strong foothold on the market sector and after an extensive research on the issue of urban traffic congestion; we have devised a technologically superior solution for Solving Urban Congestion.

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Population growth along with rapid urbanization can be cited as two of the primary reasons for changes in metropolitan infrastructures. This has further led to increased motorization whereas the space available is inadequate which in turn is affecting the mobility within cities.

Available parking spaces are getting saturated

Parking unavailability causing unregulated traffic structure

Parking problem during special occasions, weddings, celebrations, etc.

On-street parking is becoming the preferred choice, which is slowing down the mobility in urban cities

Residential communities are also lacking enough space, given the increase in number of vehicle owners

Increase in cruising is also a cause for environmental pollution

The ever growing need for parking convenience for a generation that's running out of patience looking for a space, therefore enforces the need of smart parking solutions.


LT ParkSmart combines technology and innovation in an endeavour to minimize the use of resources while maximizing the benefits. On one hand, fuel, time and money are saved while on the other our systems provide customers with faster, easier and denser parking facilities.

Optimum use of space for easier traffic control
Traffic reduction on streets owing to easier parking facility
Control pollution levels with more cars parked, and lesser vehicles looking for a space
Better experience for users – secure and cost effective


We are a team of young, talented and highly motivated engineers who want to build a hassle-free tomorrow for our car owners. Championing the cause of ‘Make In India’, our local experience and expertise helps us engineer solutions designed for our local needs.

80,000 sq. ft.

state of the art production facility

Over 2 decades

of experience in engineering & manufacturing

20 branch offices

in India with a maintenance

team of over 250

25+ engineers

taking care of In-house design team