A Look At The Current parking Predicament

Population growth along with rapid urbanization can be cited as two of the primary reasons for changes in metropolitan infrastructures. This has further led to increased motorization whereas the space available is inadequate which in turn is affecting the mobility within cities. Whichever be the city, the number of vehicles is growing to be inversely proportional to the amount of space. From office spaces, to shopping malls; businesses are struggling to provide an efficient parking system to their customers, yet failing to assure them all with the certainty of finding one.

An unbalanced demand supply ratio between the available space and number of vehicles on the streets has now raised more concerns such as traffic congestion, accidents and event environmental pollution owing to cruising while looking for a parking space.


Here’s looking at the common challenges faced due to parking inconvenience:

  • Available parking spaces are getting saturated.
  • Parking unavailability causing unregulated traffic structure.
  • On-street parking is becoming the preferred choice, which is slowing down the mobility in urban cities.
  • Residential communities are also lacking enough space, given the increase in number of vehicle owners.
  • Parking problem during special occasions, weddings, celebrations, etc.
  • Increase in cruising is also a cause for environmental pollution.

The ever growing need for parking convenience for a generation that’s running out of patience looking for a space, therefore enforces the need of smart parking solutions.


Making Urban Mobility HASSLE-FREEWith Progressive PARKING SOLUTIONS

Designed to provide the ultimate solution to urban parking needs, the application of smart parking in cities eliminates the worries of costs, fuel wastage and time consumption. It helps optimize the parking space usage thereby ensuring a smoother traffic flow.

LT ParkSmart combines technology and innovation in an endeavour to minimize the use of resources while maximizing the benefits. On one hand, fuel, time and money are saved while on the other our systems provide customers with faster, easier and denser parking facilities.

The many benefits of smart parking solutions by LT ParkSmart are listed below:

  • Optimum use of space for easier traffic control.
  • Traffic reduction on streets owing to easier parking facility.
  • Control pollution levels with more cars parked, and lesser.
  • vehicles looking for a space.
  • Better experience for users – secure and cost effective.